About LEICHT by Minteriors

I approach each project equipped with more than 20 years of industry experience, paired with a Masters in Interior Architecture.

Every kitchen or bath design project I take under my wing is as important to me, as it is to you. Designing with LEICHT and Miele appliances, I incorporate the latest in German engineering with an in-depth knowledge of cooking and entertaining that translates to an elegantly functional, modern kitchen.

Each client’s home is a direct reflection of who they are. I help turn these visions into a reality by taking into account every single detail about their lifestyles and routines, transforming the ideas in their head into spaces that live as good as they look.

“My passion for flawless design and gourmet cooking has provided me with a high level of knowledge about the importance of function and flow within the kitchen. My clients are always happy to know my belief that kitchen design is not just appliances and cabinets, but rather is an expression of their personality and way of life.”

Sabine Buechner

Owner, Minteriors